How to Fix That Funny Taste in Your Water

It’s 1 AM and you wake up with an insatiable thirst. Padding downstairs to the kitchen, you sleepily turn on your kitchen sink and place a glass under the tap, only to take a sip and- UGH! What is that horrible taste in your tap water?

water filtration water treatment arvada coIf you’ve ever experienced the above scenario, rest assured that you’re not the only one- many people can’t stand the funny metallic aftertaste of water when it comes straight from the kitchen or bathroom sink faucet. Some cities’ tap water tastes better than others, while some cities’ water is almost completely impossible to drink, due to its rusty, metal taste. Because of this, a number of people purchase bottled water every time they shop for groceries, in order to have water that actually tastes refreshing and pure. Believe it or not, approximately 12.8 billion gallons of bottled water were bought in the United States in 2016. That’s almost twice as many gallons of water than there are people on Earth! Furthermore, research indicates that consumers tend to think of bottled water as a healthier, more convenient option than tap water, due in part to its superior taste. However, the considerable costliness and undeniably negative environmental effects of discarded plastic water bottles make for a less than ideal solution to the problem of terrible-tasting tap water.

If you think your only option is to buy pricey, non-eco-friendly bottled water, we’ve got news for you: there is a much easier, more environmentally sound solution that can actually save you money in the long run. The experts at Flatirons Plumbing are here to tell you how to get rid of the “ick” factor that is accompanying your tap water once and for all.

What Causes Water to Taste Bad?

Before you try to get the funny aftertaste out of your tap water, it’s important to know what is causing it to taste that way in the first place. A tangy or metallic taste can be the result of low pH levels or an excess of trace minerals in your water, possibly due to old, rusty water pipes in your city or home. While these small amounts of minerals aren’t hazardous to your health, they can give your drinking water an unpleasant metal aftertaste when you drink it. Yuck! Not only will this sour-tasting water make you less inclined to drink it (and more likely to reach for a less healthy but better-tasting option, like soda), but it may also affect the taste of meals you prepare at home using water as an ingredient.

Sometimes tap water tastes more salty than metallic. Trace minerals such as manganese, iron, zinc, or copper that are present in your water supply are the likely culprits of water that tastes like it came straight from the ocean. Additionally, rusty pipes in your city can produce a salty aftertaste that makes for a less-than-refreshing glass of water. If you live in an older house with plumbing from over 50 years ago, it is possible that your home’s pipes are the ones that have rusted with age and are causing your water to taste funky. Regardless of the cause, nobody wants to drink tap water that tastes like someone poured a shaker’s worth of salt into it! A salty aftertaste in your drinking water is enough to turn anybody off- and that’s not good.

What Can Be Done?

Short of spending excessive amounts of money purchasing bottled water each month, there is nothing you can do about the taste of your tap water, right? Wrong! Not only is bottled water an unnecessary extra expense for your household, but the waste produced by the plastic bottles that are piling up at landfills all over the world is harmful to our environment. An estimated 60 million empty water bottles per day are thrown away in the United States- that has added up to two million tons of discarded bottles at landfills across the country. Believe it or not, only one of every six bottles of water that are purchased in America are recycled. The rest are tossed into the garbage. These bottles are non-biodegradable, but rather photodegrade, which means that it takes 1,000 years for a single water bottle to completely decompose- and when they do, they’re leaving all sorts of pollutants behind to contaminate our soil and water. When faced with the facts, it’s easy to see that bottled water is simply not a viable long-term solution to funny-tasting tap water.

A much simpler, more environmentally-conscious solution is to invest in a water filtration system for your home. A water filtration system acts as a purifier for your tap water, filtering out even the tiniest traces of minerals so that your water tastes fresh, clean, and delicious straight from the faucet! You will never have to rely on water bottles again once you make the decision to purchase a water filtration system for your home. If you think a water filtration system is too costly for you, think again! In the long run, purchasing and installing a filtration system is by far the most affordable option to keep your tap water tasting fresh, pure, and delicious each time you drink it. With a variety of options available, homeowners can choose the right water filtration system for their situation, at the right price!

By choosing to install a water filtration system, you can be sure that the water you drink will be as pure, clear, and refreshing as if it came out of an overpriced plastic bottle. In fact, some research indicates that tap water is actually better for you than bottled water, as it has to adhere to stricter safety inspections. This means that once you have fixed the funny taste, you can rest assured that you are putting only the best things into your body every time you enjoy a refreshing glass of water. Additionally, you can feel good knowing you’re doing your part to help preserve our environment with your eco-friendly solution to your drinking water problem. Mother Nature will thank you for it!

Contact Flatirons Plumbing for a Water Filtration

As if doing the healthiest thing for your body and helping to save the planet wasn’t enough of an incentive to look into a water filtration system for your home, you can expect a substantial cash savings over time when you no longer have to purchase bottled water on every trip to the grocery store. Water filtration systems are an affordable, eco-friendly solution for people who want to enjoy fresh-tasting water at home without excess cost or waste. Contact Flatirons Plumbing today, and drink up!