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If you need a Lafayette Plumber, then look no further. Flatirons Plumbing is your local solution and trained to repair or replace any pumping task.

Lafayette was founded in 1888 by Mary Miller. She and her husband, Lafayette Miller, had moved to the area to farm land acquired via the Homestead Act in 1871. Lafayette Miller ran a butcher shop and was a town trustee. In 1884 coal was discovered on the Miller farm, and in 1887 John Simpson sank the first shaft, thereby starting the coal mining era. On January 6, 1890, the town of Lafayette was incorporated. The Black Diamond mine closed in 1956, ending the mining era. Lafayette became a farm-based economy that has evolved into a commercial, small industrial and manufacturing town.

With the increase in residential growth of Boulder and outer lying cities, Lafayette has become a desirable place to raise a family and experience the beauty of Colorado. Flatirons Plumbing has experience in providing plumbing services to the homes in Lafayette. If you have a backed up drain or a broken garbage disposal we will be your first response team. If you have no hot water and need water hear repair we will arrive ready to evaluate the situation, develop options and provide you with an upfront price. In most cases, the work will be performed that day.

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