Boiler Replacement

Do you need a Boiler Replacement?

Flatirons Plumbing has professional experience with Boiler Replacements. Did you know, home heating systems is made to recoup energy which traditional furnaces lose. Obtain up to 98 percent thermal energy efficiency and save up to 40 percent on your home heating bill. Boiler heating systems work through heating the water and dispersing heat through a radiator. This converts water to steam or hot water and then moves in the pipes to radiators to discharge heat. To continue to produce heat, the water is constantly rerouted back to the boiler where it’s recycled, reheated and used for future heating.

Advantages of a Boiler System:

This clean type of heating does not generate dust particles as well as other allergens. In fact, the heat in boilers radiates out from the radiator into atmosphere which already exists, so there is no new air coming into your space.

Boiler heat is relaxing and infuses the space in your home. The heat is not being pressured in ductwork.

State of the art features such as zoning capabilities and user-friendly programming are also some of the major advantages of boiler furnace. Programmable thermostats allow the automating of start top heat supply as well.

Not like forced air methods which generate annoying sound as air flows out the vents, a boiler operational noise is restricted to inside the unit.
Boilers are very energy efficient for your home.

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