Do you need help with a leaking pipe?

Do you need help with a leaking pipe?

leaking pipe repairIf you notice brown or discolored water in your sink/tub, warm spots in the floor, soaked carpeting, ceilings or walls and abnormally high water bills, you may be experiencing signs of failing and leaking pipes. Some leaks like water fixture or faucet leaks are fairly harmless, but when that leaking pipe or faucet is ignored for months, it can potentially cause you thousands of dollars in water and mold damage repairs for your home or business.

When used as recommended, the copper pipes that are commonly used by contractors in most homes are durable and long-lasting. They are however, not invincible and sometimes develop leaks that can cause damage to your home and businesses. When it comes to a leaking pipe a stitch in time can truly save you a lot. Early pipe leak repair is critical. These leaks can cause significant damage to your home, if not caught and repaired early enough.

Flatirons Plumbing offers inspection, repairs and installation services for all of you home’s pipes and water connections. Just give us a call and we will put you in direct contact with an expert who will listen to your problems and schedule and inspection if needed. In our professional experience the most common places where pipe leaks can occur around the house include bathtubs and showers, drains, sinks, washing machines, dishwashers and toilets. Pipe leaks such as leaking water heaters and dripping faucets are easily obvious. However many leaks often go undetected for years because they are not visible.

It is very important that you call in the experts as soon as possible, when you detect a water leak in your home due to a leaky pipe. We are always available to deliver professional plumbing services and skilled pipe repair.

What can I do?

There are several temporary repairs you can perform to keep your water pipes in working order until permanent repairs can be carried out by an expert. With a temporary fix toilets, sinks and other plumbing fixtures can still remain in use. However, you need to be careful as these temporary fixes are just not meant for long-term use and should never be depended on as a long-term repair.

Simple Leaky Pipe Fixes

  • If you notice a leak in the pipe joint, tighten the joint.
  • If you notice a leak in the pipe itself, you can attempt to remove the damaged section of pipe yourself and replace it.
  • In cases of a minor leak, like a hole in a pipe, you can wrap waterproof tape over the bad spot. Do not depend on this fix for long as it is only a quick, temporary fix.

What causes leaking pipes?

Several factors can cause you to have a leaking pipe. These factors may work alone or act in a combination to affect your piping system. These include:


Corrosion is a major cause of leaking pipes in the house. They are usually caused by chemical reactions, water quality or age. Depending on the level of corrosion, it may affect every aspect of your plumbing fixtures and steps should be taken to repair immediately.


This is the most easily found form of corrosion. Rust is usually found on older galvanized steel pipes. Modern plastic PVC and copper pipes are not vulnerable to rust, but other metal parts of the plumbing fixtures in your home are.


Cracks are rare in modern plumbing, but still possible. The bad side is that they can occur in most any plumbing fixture, and discovering where the crack is can be a chore. If you notice a crack, you should replace the fixture.


Most leaks are as a result of natural wear and tear, as your pipe system can degrade and develop leaks over time. Unfortunately, as placement of pipes are designed to be invisible, and most leaky pipe joints are hidden behind walls and the foundation of your home. This is why you may not notice one until it is too late.

Be assured if you come across a leaking pipe and need a professional plumber, Flatirons Plumbing is just a phone call away for advice or schedule an emergency plumber right away.