How to Prevent Your Basement From Flooding

Clogged drain

Backed up drains can be a traumatic emotional experience and it’s vital to understand how prevent basement flooding. Waste water filling up a basement causes damage to carpets, walls, furnace, furniture, and personal memorabilia. The cost of restoring your home to pre backup standards can be costly. There is no price tag that can be attached to family photos, and collections that are damaged by waste water.

Most often a backed up sewer line develops over time. A restricted sewer line slows the waste water from flowing through. Restrictions can be caused by old drain lines that have failed, roots getting into broken drains, and ground settling that causes a drain line to sink and create a low spots. It is important as to what is being flushed down the drain, like rags, excessive toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, paints, construction material, or old motor oil. Always remember, that your drain line has been backing up long before it starts to backup in your toilets and showers. These are called mini backups or burps.


Sometimes a professional drain cleaning is needed. The restricted drain location can be 15-30′ away from your home, possibly in your yard or out into the street. The clog grows over time. The waste water fills the pipe from the restricted spot up to your toilet drain, this creates water weight on the clog. When this happens, your basement toilet will make gurgling noises and flush poorly, another symptom may be minor water stains around your floor drain with remnants of white Toilet paper and waste around the floor drain, another symptom may be that the gurgling noises occur when your washing machine is draining high volume waste water into the drain. The water weight pushes through the restriction and it starts to drain again. This cycle happens repeatedly in what is called a burp or mini backup under the floor until the restricted spot becomes strong enough to hold the water, fill the drain pipe, and overflow the toilet, floor drain and tub in the basement.

TechnicianAt Flatirons Plumbing, our goal is to prevent future backups in your home. The options can range from preventative maintenance up to traditional practices of repairing and replacing sewer systems. Not to mention,  utilizing new technology to reduce yard and landscape damage. The options become your choice based on what’s best for your family and budget. We are the residential service professionals. Our technician will arrive to evaluate the situation, provide upfront pricing and complete the work that day.