4 steps to unclog sewer line

Solution to unclog sewer line in 4 steps with a plumbing snake tool

unclog sewer lineIf you take your handyman skills very seriously and are still looking for some easy solutions to unclogging sewer line, here is a step by step guide on how to fix this type of problem. For this type of problem, we really recommend calling the experts, as this is a big and important task to get done right the first time. Please be aware that as a result of differences in manufactures and country regulations, some components may have different names depending on where you’re living.

Unclog Sewer Line: Step 1

Locate the problem by first looking for the main sewer line inside your house. Depending on your home’s drainage layout, it may be located in more than one place. If you don’t know what your main sewer line looks like, you can look for a pipe with a threaded plastic nut bulging from the wall or underground.

Unclog Sewer Line: Step 2

Be ready to get your hands dirty and have a bucket ready for spill outs. Before opening the nut, suspend a bucket to the base of the sewer pipe or drip pan to avoid spillage. Be prepared as this will be a very messy job.

Unclog Sewer Line: Step 3

With preparation done, you can now unscrew the sewer drain plug with a pair of channel lock pliers or a wrench. Do this by turning the plug screw counter-clockwise until it is loose enough to unscrew by hand. Unscrew the nut and allow wastes and water to flow into the bucket. It’s best to have a rug or mop ready in case of overflows.

Unclog Sewer Line: Step 4

Now comes the tricky part of unclogging the drain with a snake tool. After connecting your snake tool, feed the cable into the gutter until it stops at an obstruction. Turn on the device and unclog the sewer line using the forward button. You have to keep a firm grip on the device while the snake tool works its way into the pipes. Whenever the machine stops, you can press the reverse button for a couple of seconds and then use the forward motion again. You may have to carry out this process over and over until you have free movement of the tool.

Alternatively, sewer repair can be a complicated and dirty job. In a lot of cases, your pipes may be damaged and not just clogged. Flatirons Plumbing has many ways of fixing various plumbing situations and is always ready for emergency plumbing services to help unclog your sewer line anytime.